Signs of Spring


Yesterday was cold with a dusting of snow,
and this American Robin had to puff out its feathers to stay warm.

                                                                                                                                                        © Tracy Abell 2011

Today is sunny and the temperature will be in the high 50s.
Such are the joys of Colorado.

Sending  and other cold-weather friends
a blast of warm air and sunshiny thoughts . . .


8 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

    • Your question got me curious. A quick search revealed that robins switch from earthworms to fruit and berries in the fall and winter. It’s good to be versatile (especially because the alternative is pulling frozen worms from the frozen ground).


  1. Perfect 🙂 I took a whole series of pix yesterday (loving the ice crystals) and will probably post a few tomorrow…by which time, it’ll practically feel and look like spring, I expect.


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