Friday Five: The March Madness Edition


1) Yesterday Zippy, Wildebeest, Zebu, and I watched four men’s college basketball games
from our seats in the rafters and

2) had great fun
3) despite the sound of our brackets exploding with upsets (we’re looking at you, Louisville!),
4) and are now looking forward to Gonzaga beating BYU on Saturday 
5) because in our collective opinion, BYU’s only redeeming quality is having female cheerleaders 
who sometimes do back-flips when a player makes a free-throw.


                                                    image from

Keep your eyes on those dreams and have a grand weekend!  



10 thoughts on “Friday Five: The March Madness Edition

    • I hope you’ve all recovered from the game. My family wanted to leave but I said I wasn’t going to walk out until the end. It was tough being in a crowd that carries signs saying “God Bless Jimmer.” Ugh.

      I read up on Stephen Gray yesterday, and am even more impressed with him. I sure enjoyed watching him play and hope he goes on to have an awesome post-college basketball life.


      • T-boy changed channels… Guess you didn’t have that option. WSU plays in the second round of the NIT tonight, a bit of consolation. Gonna be a hard pick on Thursday between Butler and Wisconsin….


        • Ack…lost track of this comment.

          I’m glad T-boy had a good strategy for dealing with that sad game. How did WSU do? As for Butler and Wisconsin, I love Butler but am rooting Wisconsin. Either way, I hope it’s a good game. (I’m in withdrawal without any games on…)


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