Tomorrow morning (Saturday), Zippy, Wildebeest, Zebu, and I
are flying to Oahu for spring break.

We haven’t had a family vacation in about three years
because the last one we took (car trip) was a nightmare.
More arguing.
Refusal to participate.
Bad attitudes and all-around-unpleasantness.

Zippy and I swore we’d never vacation with them again.

Well, we’ve reached a new place (as a family) and now get along much better.

All of us.
So I suggested we try one more family vacation, this time to the destination of the kids’ choice.
They wanted Australia or London (which we couldn’t afford) and then agreed on Hawaii.
We’re renting an out-of-the-way place on the beach and bringing lots of sun block.
I’ve got high hopes for our time together, and believe we’ll create lots of good memories.
In the meanwhile, I wish everyone a splendid week filled with all-around pleasantness.

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15 thoughts on “Mahalo

  1. Ha! You will be on the island with my sister! She lives in Wailua and works in Honolulu!
    So if you see a thinner, younger, plankier me just go up to her and say, “are you Laura’s sister?”
    ; )

    Have a great great time.

    ps… our family is BANNED from ever playing miniature golf because some of us are too competitive and others of us can’t play without goofing around and there is always a fight.
    (oh thanks for reminding me of this–I am adding it to my story!XO)


    • You’ve probably heard from your sister by now that I’m not in the papaya suite. My family dragged me back to CO, but I do appreciate her offer. 🙂

      (By the way, that was my first experience Tweeting via my phone and I didn’t realize I had to type in @LauraHamor. Oops)

      I appreciate your mini-golf story because it’s always good knowing about other families’ struggles.


    • We did have a great time, Debra. Thank you!

      This trip with children was definitely easier than the last, but it still wasn’t first class. Ah well, that’s what empty nests are for, right?


  2. Wow, Tracy! We’re following you–our family is taking a weeklong vacation in Kauai on Wednesday. We’ll shout some alohas across the water and wave a toast with some exotic tropical drinks over to you. 🙂
    Have a wonderful time!


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