10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: The Lizard Edition

  1. Oh, I haven’t seen my lizards yet. It’s just starting to get warm. I can’t wait.

    I think of you most evenings lately because we have some kind of birds that are chattering and singing when I go to bed around midnight. I have no idea what kind they are because I can’t see them anywhere but they make me think of you.


    • I hope your lizards come out soon. We don’t see many here in CO so it was a treat seeing them on the island.

      I wonder what birds are singing at midnight? Not the early-birds-that-get-the-worms, I guess. Hee. Either way, it makes me happy you think of me when you hear them at night.


    • Pet newts in high school? I would’ve loved being your friend (for lots of reasons, but PET NEWTS!)

      I’ll let Zippy know you love his photo. Thank you, Sheela.


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