Thankful Thursday: The Backhanded Edition


I’m thankful that Wildebeest’s borrowed iPod (his is MIA) provided us with a different
get-ready-for-school soundtrack this morning : Michael Jackson (rather than the usual death metal or rap.)

I’m thankful I was able to make an appointment for Zebu to see the pediatric orthopedist this afternoon
to examine his knee that popped during track practice yesterday.

I’m thankful I own a Neti pot and can clear my nasal passages that are congested due to a lousy head cold.


I’m thankful I have the time and space to express these thoughts.
Really. I am.

9 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: The Backhanded Edition

  1. I love that this post offers a swivel-head perspective on things that might otherwise seem to be a negative.

    And I, too, am grateful for the time and space in which to write, reflect, and (re)connect.


    • Gotta take the good where you can find it, right? And it’s more fun to swivel-head than sit and moan.

      Hope you’re having a good writing/reflecting/reconnecting day.


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