Slow Down, Little Missy


Yesterday I wrote and rewrote
the opening pages to my new project
and by the time I went to bed,
felt pretty good about those pages.

Today I picked up where I left off
but almost immediately ran into trouble.
After a few moments of panic
and several choruses of
"Why did I ever think I could write this story?!," 
I remembered something.

My notebook.

It’s there to help me sort out the characterization

and sticky plot issues 
that always, always raise their knotty little heads
as I write a first draft.
So now I’ve taken my foot off the gas pedal
and am investing a little more time 
in the Hows and Whys of my story.

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Today I refuse to be in a rush.

9 thoughts on “Slow Down, Little Missy

    • I think you’re absolutely right about saving time in the long run. I’ve learned that lesson over and over, yet always have to stop a time or two to get my bearings again.


    • You are a smart woman/writer, Anabel. I should know better than to rush into things, but at least it’s still very early on so I can take the time to sort through some things.


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