Setting Goals and Reaching Them


Just found out that Zebu made the junior varsity basketball team for summer league.

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The boy is a work horse.
Not naturally gifted, but an incredibly hard worker who went after what he wanted.

I could learn a lot from him.

16 thoughts on “Setting Goals and Reaching Them

    • Thanks for the cheer, Robin. They found out yesterday about the team roster AND found out they had two games last night. So he jumped right in and played quite well. 🙂

      Our kids are so often our heroes.


  1. Niiice! and as an experienced basketball mom and wife of a coach… let me tell you what happens to the naturally talented who don’t work hard… nothing. Eventually that talent is not enough, because workers who work hard can surpass talent.
    Sometimes talent rests on the gifts and doesn’t develop new ones.. then other teams learn all the moves, the gifts are figured out, and then the weaknesses start to show- and they are discouraged and they haven’t learned to work or to be resilient. All the college players I know at every level are workers. The difference in division is sometimes the level of gifts + work, but no one gets anywhere with only gifts!
    Work always wins, if fused with perseverance.
    yes… this is a lesson, huh!


    • Laura, this comment is SO perfect. Thank you for taking the time to share your insights and experiences. Zebu had two games already last night (and played well!) but when we got home, I had him read this and I could tell it struck a chord.

      You are awesome, basketball mom and wife-of-coach! Hugs and smooches from afar…


    • Re: Congrats, Zebu!

      I try to be a good example on this front, but he’s digging deep in his own well to get where he wants to go. Thank you for the vote of confidence, Melodye.


    • I know you are, but what am I?

      Thanks for the Zebu applause, Laurie. And yes, a meeting on the coast is what’s in order. Unfortunately, unless the money and time fairies come through, I don’t think I can do it. Maybe we can both start walking at the same time and meet up on a mountain ridge. Let’s holler out to Lorraine and she can come, too!


    • Thanks for cheering on Zebu, Kelly. Unfortunately, he’s already feeling some doubts about his abilities. Sigh. That’s one emotional rollercoaster I know too well, and wouldn’t wish on anyone. But he’ll learn, just as I’m still learning… 🙂


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