Friday Five: The Random Edition


1)  I have a piece up on today. HEAVY METAL MOUTH chronicles my experiences as 
a brace-face adult, and I hope you stop by to laugh at my expense.

2)  Today is graduation day at Red Rocks and our friend Brian is graduating. He’s actually three weeks 

younger than Wildebeest but started school at a younger age in California. We’re going to his party later where 
I’m sure I’ll get teary and embarrass him. It’s Brian’s turn today, Wildebeest graduates next year, Brian’s sister 
the year after, and then Zebu is the last of the gang. Time is whipping on by . . .
3)  Earlier this week I ran the neighborhood loop for the first time in a month or so, and am here to tell you:
keep up with your yoga practice! I haven’t been doing yoga nearly enough and really felt the difference in my
lungs. Who would’ve thought?
4)  I  just realized I don’t like this type of unrelated list for Friday Five because when I read a jumbled 
assortment on other blogs, I get overwhelmed thinking I need to comment on each and every item.  So if you’re
equally neurotic and starting to freak out, DON’T! It’s all good!
5)  Well, now it’d be kind of silly to add anything else, wouldn’t it? Let’s end with an assortment of produce:

                                                                                          image by

Have a colorful and varied weekend, friends!

13 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Random Edition

  1. I haven’t kept up with my yoga practice, either, and I’m feeling it in my joints. I am jogging, however. This is almost a first for me–I say that because the last time I tried it, I was in my twenties. Yeah, that lasted about a month.

    Speaking of my twenties (nice segue, eh?), I was also a brace-faced adult. I was pregnant at the time, which made those already-awkward moments even worse. (Laughing in hindsight, and repeating after you: “Thwa woom doo bwad.” )

    • Jogging again! Good for you, Melodye. I hope this time around you enjoy it so it becomes a fun constant in your life. 🙂

      Pregnant AND brace-faced?! That’s just wrong. Laughing in hindsight is what it’s all about.

  2. I have to say that your Heavy Metal Mouth experience was worse than my Year Of No Smiling when I was 15. Congrats on getting an entertaining article out of it!

    • Year of No Smiling….I like that description although it makes me sad you (and other kids) don’t smile when brace-faced. I still smiled because I was too old to care.

      • I wish you and I had known a guy like my M when we wore braces. He thinks they look cute and sexy. (Ha! He would have been too old for me when I was 15!) He always compliments women and girls who wear them.

        Anyway, having a great smile now compensates for all the teenage angst I had.

  3. To number four! That’s one reason why I didn’t used to do Friday Five posts. But then I realized I enjoyed reading everyone else’s lists, even if it makes LJ somewhat less conversational than usual.

    • HA! Great neurotics think alike! When I do Friday Fives I usually have a common theme so it’s not so random and crazy-making. Lists are fun to read, I agree.

      Hope you’re having a grand weekend, Dot.

  4. I try to keep up with yoga because I really feel a difference if I don’t. I’ve been busy this week and will be next week subbing with a 4-year-old group (8-hour day). So – very little yoga has happened. I’m stiff this morning. Sigh.

    • Yes! It’s amazing how much better I feel when I do yoga consistently. Hope your stiffness faded away and that you’re having a good weekend in preparation for the 4 yr olds!

  5. You have sunshine? Hooray! I know it’s been a long, dreary haul. We had rain much of last week and by Thursday I was quite grumpy.

    Wishing you a sunny Sunday!

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