Forts R Us

I’ve been AWOL, I know, but am easing back into LJ-Land with the latest creation by Wildebeest & Friends:

I peeked inside this one when talking with Wildebeest this morning
and was surprised by the spaciousness.
When Wildebeest and Zebu leave home and it’s time to down-size, I just might live in a fort.

16 thoughts on “Forts R Us

  1. Just to say I loved the last fort and this jumbo fort totally rocks! I would love to see the inside spaciousness. You make it sound like a tardis, bigger on the inside 🙂


    • I wish you could come over and hang out in the fort with me, Carolyn. They took it down, but I know there will be another in the near future. The door’s always open…


    • You’re right, it probably would be an excellent place to write. Wildebeest told me I wasn’t supposed to be in there with them but he let me stay for a few minutes, and I loved it in there.


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