Friday Five: The Wine-tasting Edition


I know, I know.
You’re scratching your heads, wondering how this photo translates into a Friday Five
when there are only four people in the picture (Mom, Sister, Me, and the surly Zippy).

                                                                                                                   photo by Bitsy

Well, sillies, it’s quite simple.
We were in Albuquerque’s Casa Rondena Winery tasting room, partaking of five wine samples.

Also, the fifth member of our party, Zippy’s sister, took the photo (and was our designated driver).
So, there are lots of fives going on in this scene.  Okay?

We couldn’t move around much because there was a wedding about to start outside on the lovely vineyard grounds,

and one stressed-out employee behind the tasting counter was rude beyond belief,
and the vineyard label is (in my opinion) incredibly unattractive,  
but none of that stopped us from having four tasty (and one not-at-all tasty) wines plus a whole lot of laughs.
Wishing everyone a tasty weekend filled with laughter!

16 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Wine-tasting Edition

  1. Great! I always wanted to go to a wine tasting!
    Why do there is always a rude person , they are supposed to be nice! Anyway I’m glad you had a great time.
    Have an amazing weekend!


    • I hope you get to go wine tasting some time, Anabel. It was really nice to be in the cool, dark tasting room (when it was SO hot outside), sipping little bits of wine.


    • My sister-in-law sat across from my sister and me at dinner that night, and she was tripping on how much we look alike and use our hands to talk and etc.

      Hope your weekend was grand!


    • I like red wine but don’t know anything about it. Zippy and I went wine tasting in NoCal and he and the guy behind the counter were having an in-depth conversation about the wine and then they asked me what I thought. Whatever I said (“dry” or “fruity” or whatever), was the complete opposite of the wine. I now keep my mouth closed and just sip away.


    • This was during the five samples. And they’re really tiny samples. We didn’t even have a full glass of wine by the time we were done. No worries. 🙂

      I KNOW you had a great weekend at your Muggle Fest!


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