Friday Five: The All-in-the-Family Edition


1)  On Tuesday morning I crowed about my runner’s high and feeling so good

2)  but by that evening all euphoria was gone due to a Wildebeest implosion,

3)  and we were forced to sort through the rubble.

4)  The dust has settled and tomorrow we focus on Zebu’s 15th birthday.
5)  Today, though, I will focus on this Western Tanager captured by Zippy:

                                                                                                                         © Zippy 2011


Wishing everyone a rubble-free weekend!

17 thoughts on “Friday Five: The All-in-the-Family Edition

  1. Wow! I’ll focus on the tanager as well. He’s (I’m assuming maleness) beautiful and something we don’t have where I live.

    Hope you have a great weekend.


  2. One thing I’ve learned about life is that good times often intersect with difficult periods…nothing runs in a smooth, straight line. I’m glad you had the grace note (i.e. “runner’s high) in the midst of/as precursor to this mishegas, which like most of life’s obstacles, will most assuredly pass (alternatively, you’ll pass them by). xoxo

    PS I’ve been doing a lot of physical training/gym visits of late. This, during a time that’s been particularly stressful for me. It’s not so easy to fit it in, but boy howdy, does it help!


    • You’re so right, Melodye. No straight lines here.

      I’m glad you’re able to work out some of your stress, too. I don’t know where I’d be without my exercise. (In a corner in the fetal position?) And thank you for using one of my favorite phrases: boy howdy!


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