Clematis Monday


Here’s what’s growing on around here (get it? "growing on"?)

I crack me up.

This is the largest profusion of clematis blooms ever seen on this patio,
due to the sad demise of the neighbors’ crab apple tree which hung over 

this corner of the patio until the tree was mortally injured in an ice storm.


This next clematis plant is also blooming more than usual due to Coco 
not barking through the fence at the neighbors’ dogs quite as much this year.
Less barking = less trampling.
Good dog, Coco!
This clematis isn’t blooming any more than usual, but it is alive. We feared 
the closest plant to it had mysteriously died this winter (along with the vinca plants) 
but has recently greened up so maybe we’re witnessing a rebirth.
Well, friends, thank you for touring my patio with me.
If you care to join me, I’ll be out there in a bit with my morning coffee.

13 thoughts on “Clematis Monday

    • Thank you, Tracy. I actually wasn’t happy with the top pic because the sunlight washed out the color so had to play with the color setting (which feels like cheating). Hmm, maybe I should just accept your compliment and be quiet….


  1. That was always my healthiest, happiest clematis (even in the partial shade) but that extra sunshine really kicked it into overdrive.

    Your new garden has tulips! 🙂


  2. Ooh, those are all beautiful. Second pic is my favorite. Also, um, *I* am a clematis–sort of. The one in my avatar is called the Mrs. Robert Brydon, and that’s my husband’s name. 🙂


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