Dude Looks Like He’s Crazy


Good thing I don’t want to look like this guy:

                                                                                       image from morguefiles.com

Because I just finished hammer curling 12 pounds with each arm,
and according to my not-always-stellar math calculations,
this dude’s curling 65 pounds. Each. Arm.



14 thoughts on “Dude Looks Like He’s Crazy

  1. ugh. Good for you on the 12 pounds.

    I managed 20 minutes of Wii sports before I pooped out.

    I wouldn’t want to try and hug that guy either. I bet it would hurt. 🙂


    • No. I am most definitely not buff. I am pretty strong, though. I used to be really strong and was the go-to person for moving furniture. Now I’m hoping to someday get back to that strength.

      And five pounds is perfectly fine! Some of my reps are done with 2.5 pound weights. These days, I’m careful about not overdoing it so I can continue lifting rather than having to quit due to straining myself.


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