Blue Jay Day


I've been gone from LJ much too long
and that makes me feel

Here's a feathered gift for all my friends . . .

                                                                                                                     © Tracy Abell 2011


12 thoughts on “Blue Jay Day

    • Aren’t those the most beautiful feathers? S/he made so much noise that day, hopping around and calling out to the whole neighborhood, I just had to capture it.

      Hope you and yours are doing well, Robin.


    • Hey, you! I don’t know why but your comments don’t show up in my email. You’re my stealth LJ friend who pops in and out under the cover of darkness. Or something like that.

      Thanks for stopping by to admire the pretty bird! Hope your writing is going well.


      • Stealth…I’ve been called many things, but NEVER stealth. With my loud mouth and talkative nature…Nope.

        I’m gonna start on the ghost story next week. I had to break free from TC and the query process, figure out my plan.


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