Sunday Outing


Yesterday Zippy, Zebu and I went to Casa Bonita to see Wildebeest perform.


I'd never been there, but it's common knowledge people go for the entertainment
rather than the food.

Here I am, Vegetarian in a Strange Land, with the dinner everyone above 
the age of two must buy:

I moved the mound of food around the plate, but it was pretty obvious I ate nothing.

We were seated right next to the stage that is flanked by a waterfall and sits above the pool
for the dive shows.  This was our view across the restaurant: 
Here's Wildebeest in a skit with Chiquita the Gorilla:

And here he is in another skit with Black Bertha (Black Bart's sister):

Here are Zippy and Zebu exploring the lower level dining area:

This table got my vote for Most Claustrophobic Seating:

It was such fun watching Wildebeest get up on stage and do his thing.
We're thrilled he landed a job that makes him happy and brings smiles to lots of people.

Even when he tries to pretend otherwise.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Outing

  1. I’ve spent more time in Casa Bonita in the past few years than the rest of my life combined…but now I’ll know who to look for if (when) we go again 😉 (And yeah, the food is so atrocious — I always get a salad, but even that makes me ill…)


    • Since Wildebeest started there, I’ve talked to quite a few parents whose kids love Casa Bonita. You’re a good sport to hang out there with them. Hope the next time you go Wildebeest is performing. 🙂


    • It’s a trippy place, that’s for sure. But they all seem to have fun. The building is huge and like a maze, and part of Wildebeest’s orientation involved following his boss around the whole place and then finding his way himself. I would’ve lost the job right then, right there.


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