11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: The Snowy Day Edition

    • Thank you, Robin. It’s cool to see the bright leaves shining beneath the snow (although I could definitely do without all the broken limbs!)as I travel the neighborhood.
      Isn’t it nice having today’s sunshine?

  1. That looks so pretty. Lah de dah, I’m just going to pretend the birds and branches are decorations on a cake and that white stuff is icing sugar. 😉

  2. How cool is it, that you’re able to catch a bird mid-flight? And that you’ve also captured a flock of birds, whose attentions seem attuned to the same thing as yours? I’m seeing lots of metaphors….
    (It’s like a postcard, really. Almost makes me wanna be right there, enjoying the wintry scene firsthand. Almost, but not quite. I’m such a weather weenie.)

    • The funny thing is this little tableau wasn’t the focus. I was shooting toward the feeder because of all the flying in and out, but after snapping tons of photos I sat down to look at them and found all sorts of stuff going on over to the side. It’s a bit like Where’s Waldo with all these pics.
      I understand the weather weenie mentality; I felt like one yesterday, too.

    • The snow on the autumn leaves is lovely but the bad thing is all the leaves held lots of snow and ice, and there are many downed limbs right now. I went out and knocked snow as best I could but some of my lilacs and spirea bushes are damaged.
      Let’s focus on the pretty, shall we? 🙂

  3. What a fantastic photo, Tracy! You are quite the photographer. 🙂
    And snow already. Wow! I was thinking of you yesterday because my sister was changing planes in Denver and I wondered if the snow was causing problems in the area.

    • Thank you, Lorraine. I took a gazillion shots yesterday and had great fun looking through the leaves to see what was there.
      I don’t know for sure but bet your sister had some delay in her travels because it was pretty messy here. The sun is out now, though. Hooray!

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