Friday Five: The Determination Edition

1) I am ever so slowly making my way through the second draft of my middle-grade,

2) revising, rewording, reshaping, and re-visioning the story

3) that seemed so straight forward when it whispered in my ear, begging for attention,

4) but for some reason is now taunting me and laughing at my attempts to rein it in.

5) But the joke’s on my feisty muse because I WILL COMPLETE THIS SECOND DRAFT!

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May all you also prevail in your wrestling matches, literary or otherwise!
Have a grand weekend!

14 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Determination Edition

    • I haven’t done any wrestling today but Zippy and I did go out for a run on the trails and it was BLOWY! I had no idea that was going on outside. Man, I griped as I slogged uphill into the wind. (But I do feel refreshed!)


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