The Holiday Gut


As a result of the increased caloric intake due to Thanksgiving and my birthday,
I've felt a bit like this:

                                                                                          © Tracy Abell 2008

No, I haven't turned green and bulgy-eyed.
I'm referring to the sensation of a bloated belly dragging on the ground.

Time to get those stick-legs moving!


8 thoughts on “The Holiday Gut

  1. I know, right? I’ve been to yoga class twice since then, and each time, the teacher’s guideed us into poses that help rid the body of T’giving leftovers. Haven’t yet seen much movement on the scale, as of yet, but I’m feeling more zen about mah belly. 🙂


    • Zen in the belly is a very good start! I’ve been doing my little yoga routine every morning and am thrilled to feel more limber, but the gut hasn’t yet been affected. Ah, well.


  2. So funny! I was only able to squeeze in a mini-Thanksgiving here, but even so we ate our hearts out. The meal was heavy on the root veggies, though, so no dire consequences… except that now I crave pumpkin pie, which I didn’t get to make this year.


    • Actually, I am a bit green and bulgy-eyed. And I’m headed for the east coast! Look out, it’s Mantis-ra!!!!!
      (Okay, that’s more cheesy horror than YA paranormal, but still…)


  3. Ooof, I know just what you mean!
    And I keep meaning to post a picture of our resident Pig-bird as we call him. He’s been sitting in the feeder gorging himself and chasing away all the other hungry skinny birds since Thanksgiving. This morning he could barely fly off. I can relate… 🙂


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