Feeder Face-Off


I. Must. Stop. Looking. Out. The. Window. 

                                                                          © Tracy Abell 2012

Yes, there's blue sky and sunshine and oodles of birds and crazy squirrels . . .

But I have an opening chapter to rewrite.  Again.


7 thoughts on “Feeder Face-Off

    • Well, I put off rewriting that chapter until I met with my reader. He did me the honor of slicing and dicing, and now I’ve tweaked a bit to my (temporary) satisfaction. But now Chapter Two awaits!
      Hope your writing is going well, Amy, and that the birds are chirping nearby.


    • Ooh, I wonder what the bird fight was about? Inquiring minds want to know…
      I’m glad you got some housecleaning done. I can only imagine the work load involved with moderating the blue boards. Thank you!


    • Yes! I opened the sliding door a bit yesterday so I could hear the birds as I stood in my patch of sunshine and worked. (Today, though, I spent time chasing a squirrel from the birds’ suet. Naughty fellow has his own food but does after theirs).


  1. Feel free to rant…as long as I still get fluffies. 🙂 No suggestions about the blog dilemma. I’m in the running for world’s worst blogger. In truth, I think a lot of the chatter has gone over to Facebook.


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