Thankful Thursday: Zebu

I am thankful in many Zebu-related ways, including . . .

Last Friday Zebu and team were on bus coming home from basketball game, everyone singing, when a freshman vomited all over and everyone moved as far away as possible, except Zebu who stayed and held a bag while the boy continued to get sick.

On Tuesday I received a call from the school trainer saying I needed
to take Zebu for x-rays because he’d hurt his elbow in practice but
after rushing to school and then to doctor’s, the x-rays showed no breaks!

Last night when I was in bed reading a book, Zebu came upstairs to ask if we could pick up his friend who’d been in a fight with his father and gotten kicked out, and so we drove around until we found him and then Zebu grabbed his heartbroken friend in a hug to let him know how much he is loved.

It’s been tough this past month but I am exceedingly grateful Zebu has
his friends and teachers. Being a teenager can be so very difficult
and I am thankful Zebu has support which allows him to navigate these years with kindness and dignity.

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