The Tale of Two Talismans

Once upon a time there was a woman who experienced a ping when she came across the word PREVAIL, and adopted it as her personal motto.

But because she wanted and needed a constant reminder
that she would PREVAIL, she contacted  at Silver Freckles.

More than two years went by and the woman wore her beautiful bracelet every day, and it motivated her as she ran and wrote, parented, gardened, and lived her life.

Then one day not too long ago, the woman happened across a wise post from  that included this:

” . . . when I sit down to write, I need to do it with actual commitment.
This means a few different things. First, that I need to make the commitment
to sit down and do the work. Second, that when I sit down to do the work,
I need to be willing to really and truly go wherever it is that I need to go for that particular piece.”

Another ping went off in the woman’s head.
So once again, she contacted at Silver Freckles.

And now the woman has two shiny reminders of how she’d like to live her life:
COMMIT to what it is she wants to do and then PREVAIL in her efforts.

So that’s the tale of the two talismans.
And the woman? Well, she’s living happily ever after.

11 thoughts on “The Tale of Two Talismans

    • It’s funny, Pat, but I don’t think they do show up in my writing. They’re my motivators for working hard to find the right words for what I’m trying to express, though.
      Gratitude is a wonderful word and does seem to be extra-flexible in its applications.


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