12 thoughts on “Enthusiasm Gap

    • I’m glad your fence remained intact, Robin. We had it rigged to stay up (although we couldn’t use the gate) after that big wind storm at the end of December but it’s completely down now which means we have to go outside with the dogs every time they need to go out so there are no escapes. The fencing company hasn’t replied to my email about replacement. Could it be the snow and ice? HA

      • After the New Year’s wind storm (which not only knocked down our fence but also part of our deck railing), DH and one of his friends ended up fixing it by themselves. I hope you hear soon!

      • I’m glad you guys were able to fix your fence and railing because this winter-time repair stuff doesn’t seem to be happening. No word from the fencing company yet…

    • I’m glad you enjoyed this, Barb, because I had such fun with it. These three subjects were what I downloaded from my digital camera after taking pictures through the week. The post wrote itself.

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