Nature Nurtures


It's crazy hot and windy here in Colorado.
Wildfires burning
air quality ever-changing
and frequently poor.

Woke to a smoky house in middle of the night
so shut off swamp cooler and closed windows.

Air was decent on Saturday and Sunday mornings
and I hit the trails early.
Saturday I was treated to coyote sightings – three in all
so stopped to watch them watch me.
I smiled the rest of the run (even on the uphill).

Because I don't run with a camera here's a coyote cousin from somewhere else:
Coyote - Hollingsworth, John and Karen - NCTC
Image by: John and Karen – NCTC

Nature most definitely nurtures my soul.

And on days like today 
when I don't want to pollute my lungs
I stay inside and look out my window.  

Mystery bird 014
© Tracy Abell 2012

What have you seen today?