A Feathered Tale

Wandered over to the window, and what should I see? A Red-tailed Hawk on the wire not far from my feeder. Watching the activity below.

Red-tailed Hawk 010

But what about the finches, chickadees, and juncos? Surely they recognize the danger and are hunkered down? Or not.

Red-tailed Hawk 013

Oh, no! Is he about to make his move?

Red-tailed Hawk 014

He’s moving, all right.  In the opposite direction.

Red-tailed Hawk 016And I’m pretty sure he took off because he noticed me taking pictures. I’m afraid neither one of us was behaving in a very stealthy manner.


4 thoughts on “A Feathered Tale

    • I like that. Maybe I can put it on my resume! (Not with the quality of these photos. I’m hoping I’ll get better shots next time because I’ve learned how to set the camera for those faraway shots. Now if the red-tail would only come back!)


  1. Hi Tracy! I like your new digs. Er, nest?

    I’m always glad to see predators take wing–and glide across the sky, talons empty. (What on earth is dangling from his beak?)


    • Hello, Melodye! Welcome to the nest! Pull up a twig and make yourself comfortable.

      I was also glad to miss any mayhem, although I do know it’s necessary for the predators’ existence. And the hawk doesn’t have anything in its beak; that is part of the maple tree in my backyard sticking up. I was able to crop the merge from the other photos, but couldn’t do so when the hawk dropped below the wire. Zippy asked the same thing. :))


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