Snow Birds

It’s been snowing wet concrete all day, but after my first shoveling shift I was rewarded with lots of bird action in the back yard. Turns out robins and starlings like to hang together.

Squirrel and birds in snow 010

The water droplets on the window alter this starling’s appearance, but I still love the shot.Squirrel and birds in snow 008

Then there’s this head-on view of a robin. Who knew they could look so menacing?Squirrel and birds in snow 021

The European Starling is considered an invasive species, but I’m always happy when they stop by for a visit. Look east, my feathered friend!Squirrel and birds in snow 009


2 thoughts on “Snow Birds

    • Isn’t that a great robin pic? He was all puffed up against the cold that day. Yesterday was warm again and today it’s snowing. Again. Tomorrow will be warm. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

      Lucky you on the orioles arrival! They’re beauties, for sure.


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