10 thoughts on “Friday Five: The I-Forgot Edition

  1. Have a relaxing weekend, Tracy!
    Another use for ripe bananas is Frozen Banana Morsels. Slice ripe bananas (in circles, not in half). Dip both sides of each piece in wheat germ. Put toothpick in each piece. Cover on a plate and freeze for at least one hour. Serve partly frozen.

    • Isn’t it lovely plumage? That’s a Black-billed Magpie. My neighbor used to get mad because they’d come harass her cats, and then they stopped showing up in the neighborhood. (Hmm.) Now I see them a lot when running on trails and they always make me smile.

      I thought you had them back east but checked my Sibley and they’re not there. Another reason for you to come visit Colorado! I promise to show you lots of magpies.

  2. Wonderful to see the world through your eyes, Tracy. I think there’s a story in all of these. (Even the bananas! Sweetpea loves bananas so much that it’s rare they ever get to the brown-spotted banana-bread stage. Maybe I should buy an extra bunch and hide them….)

    • I’m glad you can imagine a story in each of these images, Amy. I’m with Sweetpea in her love of bananas and it’s rare I end up with any that are spotted-brown. But I’d caution you against hiding a bunch because, you know, if memory fails and you’re suddenly swarmed with fruit flies…

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