Major Regret OR I Told Me So

Even though I saw it coming, Obama’s recent budget proposal to cut Social Security benefits via a Chained CPI makes me want to puke.


Cutting benefits for society’s most vulnerable is a callous act. It’s cruel and unnecessary, and I’m deeply ashamed I voted for Obama in November. I knew this was coming and yet I caved at the final hour and cast my vote for someone who is clearly not a Democrat because of my disgust for the Republicans’ voter suppression campaign.

I wish there was a time machine that would give me a redo so that I could cast my vote for someone who doesn’t help the rich get richer at the poor’s expense. Alas, no such device exists and I must live with my vote. And if I’m ever again tempted to vote for someone who clearly doesn’t care about the powerless, I need only remember this sick feeling in my gut. In the meanwhile, I’m making sure my “representatives” know where I stand on a Chained CPI.

3 thoughts on “Major Regret OR I Told Me So

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  2. Sigh. With misgivings, I voted for him too. I figured he was the better of two bad choices. But man did that turn out to be backward thinking. At least we knew what we were getting with Romney, Obama ran on peoples’ hope for change, but he’s a sly one and turned out to have his own destructive agenda. But I do think it’s galvanized a lot of people to make change happen. And I think that’ll happen at the local level, not in dysfunctional DC.

    For instance, after a long year of working with our city council, they voted to create a resolution in support of the We the People Amendment. Yes!

    When I get down about the direction of our country, I remind myself that sometimes chaos is the most fertile place for getting things done. I love the way you’re always thinking and being active with what’s going on in our country, Tracy. xoxo


    • Congratulations on the amendment. Citizens United is vile, and it’s good to know people are fighting back against the corporations. I agree with your assessment about knowing what you’re getting with Romney and wish the Obamabots would wake up and smell the truth. It’s infuriating. I’ll try to hold onto your chaos theory. And back atcha regarding being active. Hugs to you, Lorraine.


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