Family Additions

Our hearts broke when we had to say goodbye to Lebowski and his awesome dudeness, and I can still close my eyes and feel the purring weight of him on my outstretched hand. Lebowski and his energy were unique, yet that energy was a subset of Feline Energy, and after he was gone I didn’t just miss him, but also the energy that only comes from cats.

Please welcome Loki:

The consummate trickster.

The consummate trickster.

and his brother Marcel:

"Give me a thick rubber band and I'm a happy guy."

“Give me a thick rubber band and I’m a happy guy.”

They are wonderful cats and I look forward to sharing their escapades, but for now here’s a major insight: A benefit to having one all-black and one all-white cat is that the high contrast makes it easy to see who’s doing what during wrestling matches:

Marcel bunny-punching Loki's head.

Marcel bunny-punching Loki’s head.


8 thoughts on “Family Additions

    • This is my first white cat and I’m in love, especially with his pinky ears and nose and big, big eyes. I had another black cat before and didn’t think I wanted another out of loyalty to her memory, but Loki doesn’t really look like Isis so it’s cool. It’s weird having black AND white hairs all over everything. 🙂


    • When we adopted them, the white one was Spot (because of a tiny patch of black hair on top of his head) and the black one was Merlyn (who has a few white hairs on his neck), but we wanted new names. After days of discussion, we named the white one Marcel in honor of the world’s most famous mime since our new cat was absolutely silent for the first several days living with us. And Loki revealed himself as the trickster. HA!


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