14 thoughts on “Facing Reality Bites

  1. Did you cold-query, or was this an editor you had pitched who asked for the ms.? If the latter, did you status-query at all?

    • I didn’t pitch this editor, just sent the ms to her because she was accepting them from conference attendees. However, I felt like it was a good fit and was so sure I’d hear back from her, which is why it’s hard to face the reality that she didn’t feel the love.

  2. Well, I agree both with Melodye and with Jenn. If you met the editor and she/he asked for the manuscript, don’t assume a “no” because of a non-response. In similar situations, I received: a) a lovely, encouraging, personal decline with request for more manuscripts after *six months*, and b) a personal decline after *277 days* (yes, I counted). If she asked for the ms. you deserve an answer. Send a polite status query. You have nothing to lose.

    • Alas, I didn’t receive a request from the editor. I didn’t have a pitch session or critique with her, only felt my book was a good fit for her house.

  3. Sending hugs, Tracy. This business is so hard. But much as I understand the relief that closure can bring, I should tell you that I’ve had acceptances come a full 9 months after submission. Whatever happens, I hope the MG of your heart finds the right home!

    • It was hard to record PASS in my log, but it was getting harder to hold out hope that felt increasingly delusional. HA. I get your point, though, that there are many, many instances of YES coming way after submission. That would be a pleasant surprise, for sure. I appreciate the hugs, Amy.

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