4 thoughts on “Putting You On Notice, 2014

    • Oh, Robin. You’re kind to send the hugs. I posted that mostly for my benefit and feel a bit embarrassed you had to hug my whiny ass. But thank you! I hope you and yours are having a glorious summer!!!

  1. Tracy, it’s got to get better.
    It was a mixed bag for me, with high highs and a couple of low lows. (Ice storm; no heat or light or power for three days; horrid winter; dog sick; minor health issues. But we’re all fine now.)

    • Barb, I’m sorry to hear your year has had more than its share of struggles, but I’m glad to know it’s evened out. I have some glimmers of light, too, but would welcome a big splash of GOOD STUFF! Thank you much for your words of encouragement.

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