Sucks Too Much to Give It a Name

This has been a bad day for a variety of reasons I don’t need to list here. However, I wanted to document it because it’s important to acknowledge the less-than-stellar days. Less-than-stellar days can, by comparison, make the coming days seem almost shiny.

So in order to document this day, I needed a representational image so I went to where I typed CRAP into the search box (and yes, I realize I was opening the door to all sorts of eww). This is what I got:
file1291238007940Hmm. Almost looks edible, kinda like gummy dice.

So then I typed in SUCK (again, very much aware of eww potential) and found this:
KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAMan, all that cute has drained my energy for this documentation shite. Let the record show it’s been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

4 thoughts on “Sucks Too Much to Give It a Name

    • Tomorrow IS another day and that tomorrow happens to be today, which is better than yesterday, so I guess they’re all right. And you, too, Barb. Thank you kindly for the hugs and I send one back north to you…..


    • Yeppers. Zippy asked me a while ago if I was doing better today and I replied, “Slightly.” His response: “Slightly is better.”

      Thanks for standing on the edge of the well to holler a little encouragement down to me, Jenn!


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