Self-Preservation 101

On this election night, I’m taking steps to avoid a full-on freak-out:

  • I vacuumed up the dog hair, cat hair, geranium petals, and miscellaneous debris because I feel less angst when I’m doing something, even if that something is a mundane housekeeping chore.
  • Then I listened to The Clash’s Combat Rock at full volume while lifting weights.
    Combat Rock album cover“Know Your Rights” felt particularly timely and I pumped that iron with a fierce determination.




  • I just remembered the photos I took this morning, of the tenacious cottonwood leaves clinging to the tops of the trees down the hill from me. I’ve been watching and admiring them for the past week and I’m posting them here as a reminder that all the political ignorance and ugly out there right now is no match for nature’s beauty. So take that, climate-change denying authoritarian soulless candidate who might be my next “voice” in the Senate!
    Lone cottonwood leaves 001
  • Beer.
  • Netflix.
  • Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

(And you know what else? In the spirit of self-preservation I’m also gonna quit wasting my time trying to get that effing bullet point to line up where it should line up!)

4 thoughts on “Self-Preservation 101

  1. There’s lots of work to do, beyond the purview of those who may or may not end up in Washington. We will prevail, so long as we keep in the forefront of our own consciousness (and actions) a commitment to justice, compassion, and reason–values that may not play out as we want them to in the House and Senate, but which we can bring to bear in our own neighborhoods.

    Hanging in there with you…whatever the election outcomes, we WILL prevail


    • I appreciate your outlook and strength, Melodye. I’m feeling exhausted and so very sad that CO lost Mark Udall’s voice on civil liberties. Not to mention he actually understands that climate change is a very real thing. I think the climate change issue freaks me out more than anything and to have a hack like Cory Gardner represent this state is a crime.

      One way or another, we’ll prevail.


  2. I just had a tough time voting in my mayoral election. I knew who I didn’t want to win: all of them. But I did finally manage to vote without holding my nose too much…

    Good for you, using your frustration to fuel your workout! Wish I had thought of that.


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