Sunshine + Birds = Improved Outlook

It’s been soul-crushingly cold this past week, but today the temperature in the shade is hovering at the freezing mark and is almost tolerable in the sun. My feathered friends have been here throughout the week, eating seeds and drinking from the heated bath. I’m grateful for their company.

Birds in cold and snow 001


Birds in cold and snow 005

Birds in cold and snow 008

Stay warm, friends!

4 thoughts on “Sunshine + Birds = Improved Outlook

  1. Birds, well, owls* anyway, can keep warm in the coldest temps because of the insulating effect of their feathers. I’m sure these birds appreciate your snacks and bathing facilities in the winter.

    *Owls are the only birds I’ve researched.


    • We had to replenish the snacks and water this morning as the snow falls and the temperatures drop. Again. The feathers help but they also burn so many calories fluffing those feathers and tucking their feet beneath them that they need all the help we can give them.

      Still waiting for an owl to show up in the yard. 🙂


  2. Just realized I missed your birthday! Sorry I’ve been so out of the loop. Deadlines and health challenges have made hay of my year (and often my brain). Hope your day was happy! You’ve certainly made mine better with your bird photos. 🙂


    • Wow, Amy. You are a sweetheart, indeed. Thank you much for the birthday wishes. I’m very sorry you’ve been struggling with health challenges and hope you’re feeling more yourself. Sending a hug across the pond…


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