Wildebeest and Susie Sweet Rack

Wildebeest and friends drove across the country in Wildebeest’s old Subaru (aka Susie Sweet Rack) to attend a music festival. They were in Missouri on their way back to Colorado when Wildebeest’s friend drove off the newly paved, unmarked road into the dirt and then immediately overcorrected. The car spun one and a half times as a semi’s headlights approached, and then went up into the median strip where it slammed to a stop against a post. The semi, horn blaring, whooshed past them.

No one was hurt. All were shaken up, especially when they realized that the back window had shattered on impact and none of them even heard it.
Fletcher's car 007                  Fletcher's car 005
It took a while, but Zippy and I actually fell back asleep after that phone call. I’m actually pretty proud of that. Progress!

2 thoughts on “Wildebeest and Susie Sweet Rack

  1. I don’t believe I’d ever be able to sleep again after a phone call like that. Very glad that the semi whooshed on past rather than get intimately involved with the Subaru.


    • I’m not saying it was easy falling asleep again, but I did. And full disclosure: I didn’t have the details re semi, only that they’d spun out and shattered the back window. I’m sure that semi driver was also very very happy to whoosh on by.


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