Running Fashionista

Zippy and I went for a run this morning and it wasn’t until our cool-down walk that I noticed this:
Spit trail

A spit trail down my thigh. Apparently the wind caught my saliva rocket and returned it to me.

When I got home and started my stretches, I realized I’m basically an all-around rag-tag runner gal wearing holey socks and a ripped 20+-year-old polypro long underwear shirt:
Running socks   Torn polypro sleeve

I do, however, have a fairly new Garmin watch in fashionista chartreuse:
Garmin watch

Look for me on the nearest runway. I’ll be the one rockin’ the groovy watch and sweat-stained togs. I promise not to spit.

2 thoughts on “Running Fashionista

  1. I’m sporting a pair of stylish sweatpants and a 30-year-old sweatshirt. And thick hiking socks, for comfort and foot support.
    We could do our own fashion show!


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