Still Here: A Story of Daffodils and Me

In the fall of 2006, I was a mentee at the Rutgers One-On-One Conference where Laurie Halse Anderson was the keynote speaker. In addition to offering smart and funny insights into her writing journey, she offered us daffodil bulbs. True story.

Last Friday, I took this photo of my LHA flowers that keep on blooming, year after year:

The next day, it started snowing. And over the next twenty-four hours, more than two feet of snow fell on those daffodils.

Me several feet away from buried daffodils.

Me several feet away from the buried daffodils.

If I’d been thinking, I would’ve covered the flowers with a bucket to protect them from the elements. Alas, I didn’t think that far ahead. So now they’re beneath the rapidly melting snow where they may or may not recover from the shock of an April blizzard in Colorado.

I share a kinship with those flowers that goes beyond them symbolizing my connection to the children’s writing community. The daffodils and I have been on a nine-year journey together. Every year they push through the soil to face whatever comes their way, not knowing whether they’ll be greeted with sunshine or flurries. And every year I continue writing my stories, not knowing whether they’ll be greeted with warmth or snowy rejection.

It’s a risky business for those flowers and me, but we keep on doing what we need to do. And year after year, we prevail.
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5 thoughts on “Still Here: A Story of Daffodils and Me

    • Yay, for you, too! Know what I came across the other day? The 2005 SCBWI Winter Conference attendee roster (I know, I know. I have a paper hoarding problem!), and guess who was in it? You! It’s very cool thinking about us both there so many years ago and now I “know” you! And you’ve published books since then! And you are awesome and smart and kind!

      So YAY for us!


  1. I’m impressed that your bulbs lasted nine years, some of which must have had April snow dumps. So I’m optimistic that they’ll treat this latest snow dump as a handy blanket.

    I’ve seen tulips push through the snow and I’m pretty sure daffodils will do likewise.


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