Do unto others

Yesterday I posted some photos of myself along with a few words about my uneasy relationship with cameras aimed my way. Less than 24 hours later, I took out my camera and pointed it at Zoey.
Zoey at rest

Zoey doesn’t like her picture taken, either. I know this and yet I sometimes try to coax her into looking my way. She’s a big-hearted dog who wants to please me so she usually complies.
Zoey with faraway gaze

But only up to a certain point. Then she lets me know I’ll have to settle for blurred images.
Zoey has enough

Oh, my Sweet Zotato. Thank you for not sinking your teeth into the pushy photographer.





2 thoughts on “Do unto others

  1. I know just how she feels (and how you feel) about photography. But it’s important for your family to have photos of you; so do oblige them, and make Zoey pose, occasionally. You don’t have to post them–I certainly won’t!–but you need them. I wish I had more than one photo of Echo with me, but now it’s too late… 😦


    • Oh, Barb. I’m so sorry about Echo. And I’m sorry you don’t have more photos together. I’ve had those regrets re various animal friends over the years which is one of the reasons I tend to bother Zoey with my camera.

      As for not posting your own photos, I get that. I’ve been fighting the urge to delete my photos from that post, but am leaving them there to help me move beyond my weirdness about personal photos. It’s a slow process. 🙂


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