Sometimes revision looks like this

Vinca plus

As I posted yesterday, I’m focusing on getting through this draft of my revisions and am trying hard not to get bogged down in potential issues. I want to trust that I can fix anything in need of fixing next time around. Right now the priority is maintaining forward momentum. The problem with pushing hard rather than employing my usual tweak-and-polish-rinse-repeat approach is that I can still see those potential issues and I start to doubt.

For instance in the above photo, I see all sorts of stuff:

vinca leaves
vinca blossoms
holly leaves
holly berries
pine needles
maple leaf
landscape timber

In this photo, it’s not clear where the eye should go. The focus isn’t great and there’s all sorts of stuff going on. And that’s a bit how it feels with the draft I’m revising. What potential issues deserve my full attention right now and what’s okay to let go? Where should I zoom in and where can I pan the camera? Inquiring voices (in my head) want to know.

I’m not in any kind of panic about this. I’ve made solid progress today and still believe (24 whole hours later!) that I’m taking the best approach to this draft. It is, however, interesting to note that the voices insert themselves into my writing process regardless of what that process might be.





2 thoughts on “Sometimes revision looks like this

  1. Here’s what I did during a recent draft: I kept a separate file with a list of all the problems I was noticing as I went along. Then when I was done with the draft, I brainstormed a few more things I wanted to do and added them to that separate file. When I was ready to revise, I had my handy-dandy checklist of things to work on, which made it easier to plunge into the revision, and helped me not get bogged down during the initial writing.


    • That’s a good approach and one I used on the previous draft. I had separate folders in Scrivener for that stuff and it’s worked great to follow those notes. I guess it’s that at this point in this project, I was feeling as if I had to get everything exactly right in this draft, and the realization I’ve had is that that’s not true. Not earth-shattering, I know. But a mind-set I needed to accept in order to move ahead.

      Thank you for sharing in my revision process, Jenn.


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