Making room for anxiety

Can’t point my finger at just one thing that’s provoking anxiety today,
it’s more an accumulation of a whole lot of stuff twirling in my head.

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Anxiety and I are well-acquainted with one another,
and I know the best approach
is to acknowledge that the anxiety is there,
accept its existence rather than try to fight it,
and then move on with my life.


I’m feeling anxious,
it’s not a good feeling but I accept that it’s happening,
and now I’m going to go work on my middle-grade revisions.

Take that, Anxiety.





4 thoughts on “Making room for anxiety

  1. Try meditation, it isn’t a magical cure, but it helps you calm yourself down when you really need to and put it in to perspective a bit, It helps me at times and I get full on panic attacks. You’ve probably hear that before and think it’s BS (I thought the same), but it really works.


    • Oh, I for sure know that meditation works. I’m pretty good at nipping it in the bud before it gets too bad and so a little focused breathing is usually enough. But really, my go-to approach is to get in the NOW and get on with my life.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing what works for you. I wish you calm and happy days.

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