6 thoughts on “Solidarity

  1. Thanks, Tracy. I am adding the sign “Muslims Welcome” to my door, joining “No Walls Here”
    It is a surreal experience being in Santiago, Chile with the image of the US backed coup that murdered Allende, installed Pinochet and led to thousands of state-sponsored murder as a backdrop to Trump’s rants of hate, with state power behind them.


    • We all have to stick together on this spinning blue ball. My neighbors’ kids are in college so they’re okay, but I do worry about all the young kids being affected by this. Thanks much for stopping by, Alexis, and take care.

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      • That is very true. Divide and conquer works every time.

        College isn’t a much better place to be a student, really. We’re just as terrible at that age, with no supervision.

        I hope it’s not too bad though. All the best to them, and you.


      • Agreed re college! I’m hoping, though, that it’s easier being around young adults who are out in the world gaining new perspectives on people and society (as opposed to young children who are mostly exposed to a limited to one world view).


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