A garden had better make room

A garden is to be a world unto itself,
it had better make room
for the darker shades of feeling as well as the sunny ones.

~ William Kent

I worked in my garden today and experienced conflicting feelings. Why was I born into this life and society while others were born into regions of the world that are under constant assault? I’m no more exceptional than any of those people facing horrific circumstances. Why is that I can quietly work in my garden while others know only mayhem and violence?

At times, I felt guilty for my easy day outside under the blue sky.

However, I also felt satisfaction knowing my work would help living things thrive and that my efforts were keeping materials from the landfill. I reminded myself that I was creating beauty in the world and that beauty is a legitimate pursuit.

Last spring’s poppy blooms reminding me of the beauty yet to come.

Today, my garden made room for all the feelings.


2 thoughts on “A garden had better make room

  1. I know. I think this all the time. I try to address it two ways: 1) appreciate what I have and 2) do what I can to help others (speak up, donate to helpful causes, etc.). But it never seems enough. So much in this world comes down to sheer luck.


    • Thank you much, Jenn, for letting me know your own struggle. I try to do the same (your points 1 & 2), and agree that it doesn’t seem enough. I feel so powerless right now in terms of influencing my “representatives” and how they vote and the policy they push. I’ve developed a full-on loathing for the Senate and the power those 50 people wield.

      But I digress.

      Wishing you sunshine and happiness, and continued efforts toward making the world more equal and just.


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