Twofer Tuesday: Tulip edition

Today’s post is brought to you by people who no longer live here. The first tulip was planted by former neighbors, but not when we were gardening side-by-side. Rather, they did one of their infamous “drive-by plantings” when we weren’t looking, and gifted us some miniature tulips.

The next tulip is a senior citizen and was planted by the former owners of our house. Next month, we’ll have lived here 20 years.

That red flower is a lesson in being beautifully tenacious.


2 thoughts on “Twofer Tuesday: Tulip edition

    • I should’ve dedicated this post to YOU!

      It was hard for you to leave those 150 tulips behind, but what a gift for the next family living there! And didn’t you take some bulbs with you? I thought I saw lots of tulips on your balcony/patio space??


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