Day 4: Copenhagen, totally

The alarm went off at 6:00 this morning. We got up and went to the Amsterdam airport for our flight to Stockholm with its eight-hour layover in Copenhagen. After having the security guy in Amsterdam confiscate my peanut butter due to its bomb-making capabilities and then spending WAY too much time finding the baggage lockers in Copenhagen, we finally stepped out into the beautiful (but windy!) Copenhagen afternoon.

We went to the Trinitatis Church. By “went,” I mean peeked in long enough to take a photo which, because I’m exhausted, I’m having trouble editing, and then climbed to the round tower. Along the way, I found this fellow in a window seat:

Zippy resting on the climb to the round tower atop the Trinitatis Church in Copenhagen.

Up top we had this view:

View of the old and new in Copenhagen

Then we did some other stuff before heading back to the Copenhagen airport to fly to Stockholm. (Doesn’t that sound like a typical third-grader’s story/book report/research project in which it’s always a mad rush to The End?) Here’s a preview of what’s to come taken from our bus ride from the airport into Stockholm:

Well, that didn’t work. Rather than finding the photo I emailed myself from my phone, all I’m getting is the blue twirly wheel of death. I’m gonna call it a day.

*goes back to change the name of this post from Day 4: Copenhagen, mostly to Day 4: Copenhagen, totally*


2 thoughts on “Day 4: Copenhagen, totally

  1. I love that picture of Kurt! Something about his (almost always) wise and kind face sunlight and the same color family as all the repeating kaleidoscope building refractions in the window.

    Sorry about your peanut butter.

    Love, Sister Katie

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    • I love the picture, too. Thank you for your insights re Kurt that made me laugh (and see him in a whole new way.) They just got back from the store with a replacement peanut butter which, in my humble opinion, isn’t as good as the jar that got away. Ah, well.
      Your sister


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