Asking for a friend

Let’s say you were contacted to write a 48-page children’s non-fiction book in a series about World Leaders. You may or may not be interested in taking on the project when you see how low the work-for-hire payment is, but there’s a possibility you’d at least consider it.

Okay, now what if that 48-page children’s non-fiction book in a series about World Leaders was specifically about the current White House occupant?

Is there any dollar amount that would get you to YES?

6 thoughts on “Asking for a friend

  1. I need my penguin photo to really emphasize my feelings but I can’t get it to copy here, so just

    • I guess in a magical land in which I could write the book without fear of any changes whatsoever, it might be a project I’d relish. Alas, my experience with these projects says I’d have minimal control over the content and would probably not be allowed to refer to him as Agent Orange.

  2. I’m positive you could write a book on the subject, but your slant wouldn’t be one that the publisher would want to pay for, and I think you’d have trouble keeping it to just 48 pages.

    Life is full of delicious irony.

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