Springtime in the Rocky Mountain foothills

Yesterday, the forecast said it would start snowing this evening. Instead, I woke to smothered flowers and shrubs in my front and back yards. I spent more than an hour outside with a broom, clearing snow from collapsed lilac bushes and apache plume shrubs. I’m probably going to lose my iris display this year. Again. And forget about the poppies.


The finches are handling it pretty well. We’d already called it a season and brought in the long extension cord that heats the bird bath, so that’s a bummer. I filled the dish with hot water this morning and the water has already turned slushy.

The snow’s supposed to continue through Friday and then on Saturday? This:


2 thoughts on “Springtime in the Rocky Mountain foothills

  1. I think snow isn’t really bad for plants–it can actually insulate them–but it’s dry bitter cold that gets them.
    Also, I can hardly believe you are dealing with snow, while here in Pennsylvania today our thermometers went over 90 degrees! I’m sitting here in a tank top, and my husband is talking about putting the A/C on.


    • I agree that bitter cold is a real killer. My worry yesterday was the weight of the snow. There were lots of little breaks and a couple bigger ones. I had to dig stuff out again in the early evening because it kept snowing all day. Fortunately, it’s stopped (I think).

      And yes re the contrast in weather! Family in NYC and DC said they were dealing with temps in the 90s. Crazy!!


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