No blood on the tracks

Over the past two days, I’ve felt stalled and demoralized about the middle-grade novel I’m writing. When I woke this morning, I was determined to face the pages and write myself out of that morale-sucking place. No matter what it took.

Well, I’m pleased to say that (1) there was no bloodshed involved in the writing of those pages and that (2), I’ve officially regained my momentum and am back on track.

However, I can’t be complacent about my efforts. Tomorrow I must plant my butt in the chair and face the pages again. And so on, day after day, until this draft is finished.

Even if you’re on the right track,
you’ll get run over if you just sit there.
~ Will Rogers

4 thoughts on “No blood on the tracks

  1. That quote is hysterical. So true, and perhaps more and more true as pace quickens. Although writing helps slow things down.

    Next weekend my book group is coming to PA (we do that twice a year) and Bob and I are committed to not just shoving things in spaces but finding homes for things that haven’t been in a home for the past five years (plus Jamie’s things to be stored). I feel like that person sitting on the tracks, yes, this is the right thing to be doing, but not wanting to keep going till it is all in a specific (to us) place. I will get up again!

    We talked with Jamie yesterday via Face Time. He was at his new home with his Ecuadorean Mom Piedad, Dad Emilio and 17 year old sister Gabby. They have wifi, so that is nice for keeping in touch for the next 11 weeks. Gabby plays basketball and they went to a game today, so that is really nice. He feels most comfortable doing sports, he says, as his Spanish needs a lot of work and it is hard for him not to feel like he is a burden. Basketball he can do.

    I am glad the writing went well today.

    Love, your sister


    • Oh, the dreaded cleaning/purging/organizing saga! I was just talking to Harlan (via Skype) about doing that in our storage room and office. But it’s SO overwhelming and I know I’d sit on the tracks and get run over, so I put it off. It’s good you and Bob have a deadline because of your book group, and I believe you will reach your goal. I believe in you! Get up, organize!!

      Thank you for the Jamie update! I’ve been thinking about him and wondering how it’s going thus far. We talked about basketball being a lifesaver for him, and I’m so glad he has that connection right now. The Spanish will come and the basketball will just grease those linguistic wheels.

      I will write tomorrow and you will organize tomorrow. Deal? Deal!

      Love to my sister…


  2. Right when I hit the send button Bob and I (but not Roscoe!) heard a small noise out of place in this wet, windless day. Here was our visitor, who jogged off once I started banging a pan. (thanks for that)

    Roscoe made up for his lack of audio attentiveness by baying and baying. He is outside now, just making sure.And he peed on the remains of the bird feeder, just to be sure.


    • Wait! What?! Was it a bear at the bird feeder? I don’t see an image in your reply, but am laughing about Roscoe’s late-to-the-party ruckus. HA. Peeing on the feeder…. hahahaha


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