So. Many. Words.

Only 26 letters in the alphabet, yet so many words to choose from as I write this book. I’m not talking “damp” vs “moist.” ** I’m talking about the pressure of potentially stringing together words that inadvertently take my novel in a whole new direction. Words wield so much power.

But words are also a writer’s playground, and it can be very cool to play with them. Sometimes, though, writing a first draft reminds me what it was like to get off one of these old merry-go-rounds.

I’d be disoriented and slightly fearful about what I was about to crash into. I’m having that same feeling today.

** (Sorry, moist-haters, couldn’t resist)

2 thoughts on “So. Many. Words.

  1. I grew up with those Duncan Hines commercials bragging about how “moist” their cakes were (complete with footage of forks diving into beautiful cakes). So that word always makes me think of chocolate cake with luscious chocolate frosting. I was surprised to discover, as an adult, that so many people are skeeved out by the word.

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    • I remember those commercials! Maybe you’ve hit upon why “moist” doesn’t bug me, either. It seems like such an odd irritant for so many people. Just don’t go saying “panties” around me.


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