Creepy inflatables, blowin’ in the wind

It’s October 1st which means it’s time for our neighbors across the street to display their creepy inflatables. So far, there’s no sign of the coked-out cat from last year.

But, to be honest, I’m not entirely sure what’s out there right now. It’s very windy and the inflatables aren’t standing at attention. When I passed them earlier, I thought that long, cylindrical inflatable was somehow attached to the jack o’ lantern.

However, from this angle, it looks more like a pumpkin-head dracula doing a face-plant.

Or push-ups.

Or maybe he dropped a contact. Whatever his deal, I’m just glad he’s not staring in my window.

5 thoughts on “Creepy inflatables, blowin’ in the wind

  1. Hee hee! Jenn’s so right!

    I said to M this morning that there are no good protest/folk singers anymore and we need them again. (Probably rappers are the new protest singers. But I don’t follow rap. I’m pretty sure that it isn’t as melodic and effective for a singalong at a protest rally.) I think it’s time for Dylan to write some new stuff. Or bring the classics out of mothballs…

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