Twofer Tuesday: rebel hikers edition

When Zebu was a high school senior, he brought home a paper outlining the “rules” for senior photos. In addition to sensible guidelines such as “Do not wear sunglasses,” and “No props such as guns or weapons or other offensive material,” was “Students’ heads should not be pressed between two trees.”

October 13, 2017

Ever since reading that, we take every opportunity to photograph ourselves with heads wedged between two trees. Granted, Emma and  I are nowhere near wedged in this photo, but it’s the thought that counts.

Zebu would approve.

6 thoughts on “Twofer Tuesday: rebel hikers edition

  1. Teachers and parents should be very careful about warning kids (and rebellious adults) not to do something. When I was three, my mother warned me not to eat the watercolour paints; then she left the room. Until then it never would have occurred to me that paints were edible. You can guess the rest of the story…


    • HA! You are, I believe, the only person I know to have eaten watercolor paints! Thank you for sharing that, Barb. And in the interest of full disclosure…I used to eat paste!


      • Well, of course. Imagine the tragic consequences if more people put their heads between two trees. This had to be stopped. After all, how else will kids learn to deal with arbitrary rules and control freaks if they don’t have to obey bizarre rules early in life? 😉

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