Sunday Confessional: I still have way too many emails

I’ve spent a sizable portion of this afternoon going through my email account, deleting messages I don’t want. There are currently 2,186 emails remaining, and 222  of those are unread.

I have repetitive motion pain in my right hand/wrist/arm, my eyes feel fried, and my brain can no longer compute.

I’m calling it a day.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Confessional: I still have way too many emails

  1. I think one of my email accounts for work has well over 3,000 – if it gets older than a week and I still have Unread email, I’ll do a “mark all” read.
    My view of email has changed in the last year or so – I loathe email actually.
    Love the makeup 😂


    • My account had WAY more than 3,000, but in the last couple weeks, I’ve been working hard to whittle it down. I sometimes loathe email, too, as it feels like an extension of my “paper problem.” I have a hard time getting rid of notes and letters and ticket stubs, etc.

      Isn’t the photo great? I found it on Seemed very fitting.

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      • I look at my Inbox and get anxiety so I just don’t worry about it anymore. BUT – unread emails will drive me nuts because it shows up on all my devices – I hate having unread mail even if I have no intention of ever reading it – Auto marking is a fabulous things for an OCD guy like me 😂


  2. It’s frustrating how fast emails pile up. I put loads of ones I was ‘saving’ and moved them to a folder to clean out my inbox, but now my inbox is already overflowing again. 😦 Good luck!


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